JOTA Originals

Welcome to JOTA Originals.

With the help of current and former National JOTA Organizers, we have collected here various Radio-Scouting materials for the annual Jamboree On The Air (JOTA). Published for past and present editions by WOSM or others and popular amongst JOTA participants. But no longer available on-line elsewhere.

Feel free to download them and mention this web page in your JOTA communications to others.

The site is evolving and new materials will be added. Stay tuned.

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So what do we have?

a short explanation about Jamboree On The Air or JOTA for short. Illustrated by lively video's in our on-line JOTA cinema. Live the event yourself.

Find here the radio frequencies to meet other Scouts and usufull information for your journey onto the air waves

a collection of famous JOTA games that can be played over radio with other Scouts. Proven succes.

Tells you all about the JOTA that you ever wanted to know.

Dig in to all World JOTA Reports, Radio-Scouting seminar accounts and much more, to find just that one great idea for your own Scout troop.

Oh yes, all the Radio-Scouting goodies of the world come together here. Check if your own collection is complete.

And there is more. discover other Radio-Scouting resources on the web.

1.8 million Scouts took part in the JOTA-JOTI in 2018

The official Radio-Scouting logo and badge from 1993 onwards

The official Radio-Scouting logo and badge from 1983 to 1993

The official Radio-Scouting logo from 1977 to 1983

The official Radio-Scouting logo from 1960 to 1977